Follow Up Appointments

Review results,
your treatment plan or make changes

Follow up appointments are designed for review of blood test results, stool results or to review your treatment plans and make any necessary changes.

Choose the right follow up appointment

Appointment inclusions

Please keep the below guidelines and inclusions in mind when choosing your follow up appointment.

As a general rule all second follow up appointments must be an Extended Review. Appointments thereafter are based on individual requirements.

Quick chat

Strictly for a quick discussion about your progress or a small change to your treatment plan
10 minutes of discussion
Small changes to your plan
Check-in on your progress
Progress check-in
Treatment plan changes (small only)
Review test results
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Perfect for reviewing either blood or stool results and longer discussions about your progress
20 minutes of discussion
Changes to your treatment plan
Review either blood or stool results
Progress check-in
Treatment plan changes
Review single test results
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Extended review

Ideal for second appointments, reviewing multiple test results or detailed plan changes
35 minutes of discussion
Changes to your treatment plan
Review both blood and stool results
Progress check-in
Treatment plan changes
Review multiple test results
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What does the follow-up treatment plan include?

  • A breakdown of each supplement you will be taking, why you are taking it and how to take it– supplements given will range from practitioner grade supplements either in capsules, tablet or powder form and liquid herbals;
  • A tailored action plan on what you need to do moving forward;
  • Blood test interpretation so you know what your blood results mean;
  • General diet and lifestyle strategies;
  • Educational handouts to suit your individual needs which may include food lists, stress reduction strategies, information about your condition, recommended readings plus many more;
  • An outline of pathology rules, this will tell you how to complete your blood tests to ensure you have get accurate results;
  • A blood referral letter (if required) this will outline to the doctor which blood tests Megan would like you to have re done to continue to monitor your health.

Treatment plans are usually emailed same day but can take up to 48hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which follow up appointment should I choose?
As a general rule of thumb:
  • If you need to chat to Megan about both gut and blood tests, or would like extra time to go over your results then book an extended review;
  • If you need to discuss either blood tests or gut tests book a review;
  • Quick chats are reserved for just that, a quick chat. Do not book this appointment for any review of test results unless strictly approved by Megan. Megan puts in a lot of effort to complete all treatment plans to the highest standard and requires time to do so.
Do I need to see Megan again to re-order supplements?
No, for any reorders please email your order to
Do I need to make an appointment any time I want to ask Megan a question?
No, Megan is happy to answer questions outside of appointment times.
Can I speak to Megan over the phone?
Megan offers phone and telehealth appointments. If you prefer to book a phone call please write 'phone call' in the comments when booking your relevant appointment.
Still have questions?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions on my contact page.

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