Initial Fertility Couples Consult

Consultation & treatment plan

In our first appointment we will discuss your fertility concerns and tailor a treatment plan to your fertility needs. Our work together will be completely customised and tailored to you. No two people are the same, so neither will your plans.

Health Questionnaire

Within 48 hours of booking your initial appointment you will be emailed a comprehensive health questionnaire and bodily systems review. The email will also include other details that are required from you prior to your scheduled appointment.


During your appointment we will discuss your current health challenges, previous medical history, health history timeline, current and past stressors, lifestyle, diet, medication and supplements, family history and complete body systems review.

Treatment Plan

Upon cessation of the appointment Megan will complete your customised treatment plan that will help you achieve your wellness goals.

What does the treatment plan include?

  • A breakdown of each supplement you will be taking, why you are taking it and how to take it– supplements given will range from practitioner grade supplements either in capsules, tablet or powder form and liquid herbals;
  • A tailored action plan on what you need to do moving forward to optimise fertility
  • A discussion on the key points discussed in the appointment and a blood test interpretation so you know what your blood results mean;
  • General diet and lifestyle strategies please note Megan does not include Meal Plans in the 1st consultation due to time constraints. Megan is happy to discuss and organise meal plans at future consultations;
  • Educational handouts to suit your individual needs which may include food lists, stress reduction strategies, information about your condition, recommended readings plus many more;
  • An outline of pathology rules, this will tell you how to complete your blood tests to ensure you have get accurate results;
  • A blood referral letter, this will outline to the doctor which blood tests Megan would like you to have completed before your next follow up appointment;
  • If Megan is referring you for functional gut testing, Megan will organise to have the kits directly sent to your home.

Treatment plans are usually emailed same day but can take up to 48hours.

Still have questions?

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions on my contact page.

Ready to start your wellness journey?

If you’re ready to say yes to a healthier version of you, then I can’t wait to take the time to listen and assist you on your wellness journey!

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