Have your moods been going haywire since starting the pill? Discover if the pill is reason for your mood madness

After commencing the pill did you begin to experience the following:

  • Increased feelings of anxiety

  • Worsening of your depression

  • Panic attacks

  • Crying uncontrollable

  • Loss of joy for things in life that used to make you feel happy

  • Feeling overly irritable, more than normal

  • Do you fly off the handle at small things?

  • Do your mood swings feel extreme and out of control?

  • Your fighting with your partner way more now

  • Are you overly judgemental, more than use to be?

  • Are you experiencing inexplicable hostility?

If you answered a big resounding YES (or your nodding your head) to more than 3 questions then the pill may be contributing to your mood madness

This is what I'm super passionate about, helping women to get off the pill, balance their hormones post-pill, rock their mental health and educate you about your menstrual cycles!


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