Hey, I'm Megan

Let's get to know one another...

I’m a Naturopath, Nutritionist, wife and mother to two delightful little souls, Olive & Zale. In addition to my Naturopathic qualifications I've also completed a Bachelor of Biomedical Science.

How ever you heard of me, whatever your reasons, here you are!

This is what I'm about:


Modern medicine has bought about huge medical advancements, the surgeries they’re able to perform today still blow my mind. I mean, I ain’t calling a Naturopath if I have a heart attack. Take me straight down to the ED pronto! Seriously though I have a true love/hate relationship with medicine and pathology interpretation is my jam.

Why do I love women's hormones and mental health? Because I've been there, I've lived it and know it's possible to live a life free of medication and have pain free periods and rocking mental health.


At 18 years old like most teenage girls, I was prescribed the pill, my reason at the time for starting it was contraception. Now the first pill I took, made me go bat shit crazy, I mean I was a raging psychopath, and lost the plot regularly, lashing out at my family over tiny, insignificant things. After that experience I was prescribed Yasmin, my moods normalised (or so I thought) and life went on. 


Shortly after (now remember before being on the pill I had never suffered from anxiety or panic attacks) and I remember the moment vividly, I was running on a treadmill, and started thinking to myself "I can't breath", I pushed the thoughts aside, but the thoughts just kept rushing in. I hopped off the treadmill, and that's when the anxiety started, I couldn't breath, my heart was racing, my palms were sweaty, I was freaking out. I was so worked up I had to go into the women's toilet and lay on the cold tiles for over an hour, at that point my then boyfriend at the time took me home. I then proceeded to curl up in bed and eat a lolly, because I was shaking so much, I thought I had low blood sugar or something. After about 3 hours, the feelings past but from that moment onwards, I was never the same again. 


I started fearing death and dying, scared of choking or eating something I was allergic to (I had never been allergic to anything before in my life), my mum would regularly have to sleep next to me because I was so scared something would happen to me. It was truly frightening. Even at this point I didn't put 2 and 2 together and continued to swallow that tiny yellow pill each and every morning.


Until at 26 years (after going through my studies and learning about all the negative side effects) I made the decision to come off it, I couldn't justify taking it anymore. My health was more important. 

I was fortunate that my periods returned relatively quickly, but my skin went acne crazy (I had never had skin issues before the pill), and I had to work hard on my regaining my mental health. But I can now say at 32 years old, the anxiety that plagued me in my 20's doesn't exist anymore and I haven't had a panic attack in over 6 years (which is ironic because that's when I stopped the pill).


It is possible to have unmedicated rocking mental health and hormones without the drama.

I have developed a huge passion for supporting women's health and hormones, mental health and supporting women through their pregnancy.


  I’m here to help women live their best lives by integrating pathology, bio medicine and natural treatments.


I believe every person deserves to wake up feeling well, vibrant, calm, content and free of symptoms that stop them from living a full life.

- Megan Maitland

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