Podcast episodes that Megan has been a guest on

Episode 128: The Birth Control Pill

In this episode Megan chats with Jema Lee about all things "the pill", and what you need to know.In this episode:

- What is the Birth Control Pill?
- How the birth control pill works
- How the birth control pill effects the body
- Contraception choices and options
- What a non-ovulatory cycle is
- Coming off the contraceptive pill support
- Essential nutritional support when on or coming off the pill

Get the full complete show notes, here: www.wellsome.com/podcast/

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CIA #19 The Pill, Withdrawal Bleeds & How to Prepare for Coming off Hormonal Contraception

This episode is absolutely bustin' out of the blister pack with information about what The Pill is, the forms it comes in, what your hormones are doing both on and off The Pill and how we can transition our body off hormonal contraception.

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#74 Post-Pill Acne, Hormonal Imbalances & Women’s Health

In this episode, Dr. Vignesh Devraj interviews Megan. Her speciality lies in figuring out the underlying pathologies that don't show up in lab tests, and customizing a holistic plan for the women to regain their health.

The topics discussed in this podcast are:

- The toxic relationship between Pill and Acne
- The effects of Pill on your body
- How to work with supplements for your nutritional needs
- How to get the right amount of iron for your body
- Understanding how our body speaks to us

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EP 173: The Histamine-Anxiety Connection with Megan Haralampou

In this episode, we are joined by Megan Haralampou from The Biomedical Naturopath. Megan is super passionate about women's health and interpreting pathology testing. Today we will be talking about all things histamine and the histamine, anxiety, hormone, and gut connection.

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#116 Addressing The Root Cause Of Bloating With Megan Maitland

In this episode, Dr Vignesh Devraj is interviewing Megan Maitland, a biomedical naturopath who specializes in bringing evidence-based practice to the holistic health domain.

In this episode, she discusses the various root causes of bloating and discusses diets, treatments and diagnostic criteria for treating them. We also focus on understanding SIBO and exploring the treatment options.

The topics discussed in this episode are:

- Why do we bloat?
- Root causes of bloating
- What is SIBO?
- Diagnostic criteria, diet and treatment timeline for SIBO
- The importance of getting the basics right

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