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Whether you’re already pregnant, looking to start a family in the near future, or are wanting complementary medicine support whilst you go through IVF or IUI I am here to help. Fertility for me, encapsulates you as a whole, not just your hormones, of course hormones and egg quality are paramount, but they account for just one part of the picture when it comes to fertility. That’s why when you work with me, I won’t just be shooting a lens on your hormones and egg quality. I am going to be looking at all aspects of your health to make sure your body is functioning well on all levels so you make a healthy baby.
Alternatively, if you’re already pregnant I will guide you through each trimester, so you know what tests need to be done and what supplements and food you should be eating depending on each trimester.  

One in eight couples will experience fertility issues

Today for many couples getting pregnant isn’t as easy as it was before. As women it’s important we are proactive and engaged in preserving our fertility. Unfortunately, we spend most of our lives trying to “not get pregnant” to only start trying to get pregnant and realising it’s not as easy as just having sex.

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I work with all of the following conditions & needs, plus anything else related to fertility
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