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Cervical Mucus: A must know for understanding your cycles

Cervical mucus (CM) is by far the best way to monitor your cycles, and is key for understanding your menstrual cycles, not only to fall pregnant but to prevent pregnancy.

Cervical mucus doesn’t sound sexy, but by the end of this post, you’ll appreciate just how amazing it is. Cervical mucus is critical for fertility and without it, sperm wouldn’t survive the treacherous journey from vagina to egg.

In a healthy cycle you produce oestrogen as you approach ovulation, this oestrogen triggers the release of E-type cervical mucus (fertile mucus), 5 days prior to ovulation. It is possible to get pregnant anytime you produce fertile mucus, this is because sperm can survive up to 5 days. Once you hit ovulation, progesterone rises and produces G-type mucus which is thick and gelatinous and doesn’t allow sperm through the gate.

We have thousands of nerve endings on our vagina which allow us to feel for this cervical mucus. When you’re ovulating it will feel wet, you know those days, when you almost need to wear a liner? That’s your fertile mucus, and yes you can get pregnant. The last wet down is typically when you ovulate so watch when your mucus goes from wet one day to dry the next you can be safe to assume that you ovulated the day before.

Monitoring CM can be used in conjunction with something like iFertracker, which monitors your basal body temperature.

On your next cycle, note down the days when you feel wet, dry, or moist throughout your cycle. This will start to give you clues as to when you’re ovulating and when you’re not.

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