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You don’t have to sign yourself up to a lifetime of prescription pills just to feel happy

My approach

I want to state from the outset, I am not against anti-depressants, they can help people through incredibly stressful periods of people’s lives. I work with many people who are on anti-depressants, and this is ok. I am not here to tell you that you need to get off them, but here to help you discover if your biochemistry and underlying vitamin and mineral imbalances, diet and lifestyle are making you more predisposed to those feelings. With mental health I am always thinking how much of this mental health issue today is being driven by biochemical imbalances versus environmental trauma. It can be one or the other or a combination of the two. Often, it’s the latter of the two.

The thing with orthodox medicine

The thing with orthodox medicine is they box a group of people together who all have depression or anxiety then all give them the same treatment for it. For example, if you have anxiety, you’ll need an anti-anxiety drug. What this doesn’t explain is why these symptoms are arising, and what the causes may be.We are genetically different from each and every person so why should our treatment be the same; my anxiety may be caused by a thyroid imbalance whilst another’s may be caused by a vitamin B6 deficiency. Catching my drift? Two people with the same “disease” but very different causes.

The truth is orthodox medicine cannot cure it. Most doctors and/or psychiatrists merely find your diagnosis this could be either depression, anxiety, schizophrenia,ADHD, dementia, bipolar disorder, autism, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson disease or psychosis, match an appropriate drug to your disease and manage your symptoms without any consideration for why you are experiencing these symptoms in the first place.

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I work with all of the following conditions & symptoms, plus anything else related to mental health.
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Pyrrole disorder
Under and/or over methylation
MTHFR gene mutation
Constant racing thoughts
Panic attacks

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