I am The Bio-Medical Naturopath and I’ve a confession - I’m a little obsessed with science.  I have a bit of a love hate obsessive relationship with medicine - pathology interpretation is my jam.  I have developed a passion for supporting women to get rocking mental health, happy hormones and healthy pregnancies. I’m here to help women live their best lives by integrating pathology, bio medicine and natural treatments."

Megan Maitland

why work with me?

To be registered as a Naturopath you must complete a 4-year Bachelor of Health Sciences degree. However, I have gone one step further.

I have completed not one but two bachelor degrees Bachelor of Biomedical Science (commonly known as a pre-medicine degree) and Bachelor of Clinical Sciences majoring in naturopathy and complementary medicine.


These two degrees included 6 years of rigorous academic study in the fields of biochemistry, microbiology, advanced nutrition, human anatomy, physiology, nutrition across the lifespan, medical chemistry, molecular genetics and biology, immunology, basic pharmacology, advanced nutrition and disease, medicinal plants, herbal medicine, human metabolism plus many more.

Really when it comes down to it, I am an “over-qualified” Naturopath

In addition to this to be registered with an association Naturopaths must regularly obtain continuing education credits throughout their careers to ensure we remain current on the latest research and best practices.

I also work a little bit different to most Naturopaths. I don’t use any of the usual diagnostic tools that other Naturopaths use such as Live Blood Analysis or Iridology to understand why things are happening for you.  

I’ve been trained to accurately understand pathology results. Now I’m not talking about when you see your results come up in red, which tells your doctor things are out of whack (although most of the time the doctor will send you on your merry way, with very little explanation as to what is actually going on). I’m talking about optimal, what the latest research from all over the globe, states are an optimal level for thyroid, hormones, liver, adrenals, vitamins and minerals plus many more.


Ranges are of course important, they help bring attention to things that are really of whack and need immediate medical attention, but most of the time, that’s not who I see. I see the women who are struggling with their hormones but their hormone results look “normal”, struggling to lose weight in spite or “normal thyroid results”, tired but iron levels are “normal” whatever it may be I’ve seen it.

My motto is test don’t guess!

Healthy eating
"The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition"

Thomas Edison


Ready to dig deeper into your health? 

Megan specialises in all aspects of women's health, gut & digestion, mental health and pregnancy.


It's time to become the expert on your body




The Biomedical Naturopath

Tallebudgera, QLD, 4228



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